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Tired of out-of-control healthcare costs eroding your profits and squeezing your benefits? We expose the hidden games that drive up your premiums and design a plan that puts an end to inflated costs. This means richer benefits for your employees, and a healthier bottom line for your business.


Break the Benefits Cartel: Enhance Value, Control Costs.

Your bottom line is under attack. Health insurance premiums keep rising, while the benefits you can offer employees seem to shrink. Control over your benefits plan feels more like an illusion than a reality. Here is what no broker, consultant, or health insurance company wants to tell you: that is by design.

The medical loss ratio (MLR) mandates that health insurance companies spend a certain percentage of premiums on patient care, typically 85% for large employers in the fully insured market. This legislation altered health insurance companies' business models incenting them to create an environment where premiums must increase and causing them to vertically integrate by buying medical providers and pharmacy benefit managers to pay claims to wholly owned subsidiaries.

Many employers have been told that by changing the financing mechanism or going self-funded, they can solve the problem. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, “over the past five years, the average family premium for covered workers at large firms that are fully insured has grown at a similar rate to the average family premium for covered workers in fully or partially self-funded firms (19% for fully insured plans and 21% for self-funded firms).”

Further complicating matters are employee benefits consultants most employers rely on who derive the vast majority of their revenue from these same health insurance companies creating a massive conflict of interest.

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Ready to Break the Benefits Cartel?

Traditional consultants are beholden to the same insurance companies inflating your premiums. Our fee-based model aligns our interests with yours. We start by ruthlessly exposing inflated costs and hidden profit centers within your current plan. Our proprietary cost analysis pinpoints outliers in your healthcare spend – like health systems overcharging for routine lab work or hidden markups on critical medications.

According to the Milliman Medical Index, up to 80% of plan costs could stem from just four areas. Our analysis doesn't just save you money, it gives you the power to transform wasted dollars into richer, more affordable benefits.

We don't just identify these problems, we solve them. Through data-driven negotiation, strategic carrier selection, and relentless advocacy on your behalf, we achieve the savings you're missing. This unlocks immediate funds, which we redirect to enhance coverage for your employees and bolster your bottom line.

Total Transparency: Eliminating Conflicts, Maximizing Value.

Unlike traditional consultants, whose compensation is largely hidden from you, our fee-based model puts your interests first. We acknowledge upfront that our services may have a higher price tag. However, by eliminating undisclosed compensation and conflicts of interest, we unlock savings that far outweigh our direct fees.

  • Unbiased Plan Design: Our recommendations are based solely on what's best for your employees and your organization.
  • Reduced Premiums: Our analysis targets areas of overspending, often tied to incentives your current partners may have to keep costs high.
  • Long-term Cost Control: We're invested in your plan's continued success, not which insurance company is running the best bonus program.

Legislative Note

Undisclosed compensation runs rampant in our industry. Insurance companies and consultants use a variety of terms like management fees, marketing or distribution fees, retention, or underwriting performance to ensure this compensation is not reportable on the disclosures required on your annual benefits filing. New legislation empowers you to demand insurance broker compensation disclosures similar to disclosure rules under ERISA issued in 2012 that apply to retirement plans. See our blog post for details.

Stop overpaying for a broken system!

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