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Stop Wasting Money!!!

In our first year [with DCW Group], we saved approximately $250,000 in premiums... I would say give these guys at least a shot, from an interview perspective. Let them tell you what they've done, for not just Compco, but a whole series of companies...

Joel Sofranko - CFO Compco Industries


Book a no obligation, 30-minute Compatibility Call to review your company's healthcare supply chain. In addition to us helping you identify outliers and opportunities, you'll also:

  1. Learn the four verticals of the healthcare supply chain that drive 80% of your health plan costs and how your company stacks up
  2. Discover how leading manufacturers apply supply chain principles to their health plan
  3. Gain an understanding of how to turn your benefits liability into an asset by effectively managing it
  4. Receive tips on how to reduce cost without reducing benefits


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