As challenging as it is to hire we never understood why you would make a new employee write their name and address ten times during on boarding. Employee Management Systems manage not only insurance plans, but also asset tracking, new hire on boarding, terminations, and seamlessly integrate with Payroll to provide endless options and services.

Eliminate Paper

Technology can be scary and complex OR it can be amazingly comforting and simple as pie. We love pie!

Online Open Enrollment

Employees can quickly and easily look at their insurance options, compare plans, and learn about their coverage.

Track Open Tasks

Onboarding packets within our EMS that can be sent to every new hire…easily track what they have and have not completed.

Run Standard Reports...

From enrollment status and payroll, to new hire and audit reports, you can track your HR tasks in one dashboard with all the information you'll ever need right at your fingertips.

Everyone Gets a Login

Not only do all of your employees get a login to the EMS, helping reduce the endless email questions they ask daily, so does Payroll and any other upper management personnel who can benefit from its data and report creations. CFO’s love us!

6 min On Boarding

The average on boarding time is 6 minutes. When dealing with high levels of new hires or seasonal influx, this will make new hire day a lot less crazy.


(Prepare to be REALLY happy)

Fun Fact: Average setup time of a new hire is 6 minutes... and there's NO PAPER!